US - Ner'zhul

About Incarnate

The leaders of incarnate have been a presence in the US top 20 raiding scene since the very beginning of raiding. Unlike many guilds in the top 50 standings, we stick to our raiding times and do not add hours nor days at any given point including end tier bosses. As such we have a low turnover rate in our roster.
When you join Incarnate, you join a social raiding club that enjoys competitive raiding while limiting raiding hours to our posted schedule, because we understand that we all have Real Life commitments that come first before the game, but yet want to also play in a competitive environment that places us well amongst other US and world guilds.
Hellfire Citadel
US 17th
Blackrock Foundry
US 22nd
US 31st
Siege of Orgrimmar
US 13th
Throne of Thunder
US 18th
Naxxramas (Classic)
US 17th


High Need
Medium Need
Healing Priest
Medium Need
Healing Shaman
High Need
Our raid days are Sunday to Thursday. 8:30 EST to 12:30 EST
We are currently recruiting Hunters and exceptional players to continue farming HFC and in preparation for Legion. Exceptional players of any role/class will be given the highest consideration and are encouraged to apply.